Yale College viewbook
First edition published in 2006
Revised edition produced
every two years to the present

Publication design

First edition designed at Pentagram
under the direction of Michael Bierut;
Photography by Lisa Kereszi and others;
Writing by Andrea Jarrell and others

The Yale College viewbook—framed as an insider’s guide—is dense with details that show rather than describe the unique Yale experience. It includes loads of first-person perspectives from students and faculty, lively diagrams and infographics, and documentary-style photography that captures the vivid reality of life on campus. Spanning 100 pages, the book gives prospective undergraduates an expansive and authentic view into Yale College life, and is meant to be a keepsake that future Yalies will regard warmly.

The viewbook won an AIGA 365 award in the category of promotional design and advertising, with a juror calling it “clean, friendly, approachable in spite of a daunting amount of information.” Over the years, the book has been updated extensively to keep the student voices and images fresh and current, and to reflect the evolving priorities of the College. 

View a full PDF of the current Yale College viewbook.