The Oak Room and Oak Bar
at the Plaza Hotel, New York

Identity design
Print collateral

Designed at Pentagram under the direction of Michael Bierut

When the legendary restaurant The Oak Room and the adjoining Oak Bar reopened in 2009, I worked with Michael Bierut to develop a new graphic identity to celebrate the history of the institution while infusing the materials with contemporary elegance. The system featured custom-drawn logo marks derived from lettering found on vintage ephemera, and a novel monogram—an O surrounded by oak leaves—that could be applied individually and as a pattern. The identity flourished on a wide range of materials from menus and matchbooks, to signage, carpeting, plates, napkins, ties and cufflinks. Sadly, this iteration of the restaurant has since closed.

This project was the winner of the AIGA 365 award in brand and identity systems and the Type Director’s Club award for corporate identity, and was featured in Print magazine.