North Carolina Museum of Art

Graphic identity
Custom typeface
Print collateral

Designed at Pentagram under the direction of Michael Bierut;
Signage designed with Tracey Cameron

The North Carolina Museum of Art is a dynamic, multifaceted museum in Raleigh, North Carolina. With more than 40 exhibition galleries, a 164-acre sculpture park, and an outdoor amphitheater, the museum offers an extensive calendar of events from tours and lectures to concerts, films, and family-friendly programs. When the museum added a dramatic new building to its campus in 2010, it commissioned a new identity system to express the museum’s renewed vibrancy, and to accommodate the broad nature of its offerings.

The identity system revolves around a custom-designed typeface inspired by the design of the new museum building, from which the 23-character logo and four-letter acronym logo are built. The custom typeface gives a distinctive flavor to the wide range of materials that the museum produces, from invitations, program guides, brochures, posters, and books, to signage and merchandise.

For more on the story behind the typeface, please visit Pentagram’s blog post on the subject.