Mod New York: Fashion Takes a Trip
Museum of the City of New York
November 2017—April 2018

Exhibition graphics 

Curated by Phyllis Magidson and Donald Albrecht; 
Exhibition design by Studio Joseph;
Exhibition graphics in collaboration with Julie Fry

Following the design of the exhibition catalogue, Mod New York: Fashion Takes a Trip, I was asked to design the exhibition graphics for the show. It was a exciting opportunity to expand the graphic approach from the book into the three-dimensional environment—and an absolute treat to study the clothing up close that I had experienced in photographs for so long while designing the book.  

The exhibition explores the dramatic trends and innovations that transformed the fashion world between 1960 and 1973—contextualized by the larger social and cultural shifts of that era, from Jackie Kennedy and Beatlemania, to women’s liberation, antiwar protests, and black empowerment. Read more about the exhibit here

Featuring over 70 garments, as well as drawings, photographs, handbags, shoes, and jewelry, the exhibition is divided into four thematic sections in chronological order. The architectural team established the flow of the exhibition space and introduced the gorgeous striped wall paper and spacial dividers that define the sections. The graphics team collaborated to make the descriptive elements—introductory text, section texts, labels and timeline—accessible and inviting while allowing the garments to take center stage.

See my design for the book here.