On Weaving: New Expanded Edition
Anni Albers
Princeton University Press, 2017
9 x 11.5 inches
Hardcover, 272 pages

A winner of the 2018 New York Book Show

Anni Albers’ 1965 classic is a fascinating meditation on weaving that spans history, philosophy, and technique, and brings together rare and beautiful works from around the world with her own weavings. This edition of On Weaving updates the original with new color imagery for nearly all of the plates, which were originally black and white. The typography stays largely true to the original volume, with subtle details that reflect its contemporary redesign. The plates section is reconceived to dramatize the new photography with many full-bleed images and careful juxtapositions. A new afterword and two new illustrated essays at the end of the book offer critical context to Albers’ work for a new generation of readers.